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August Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog family members celebrating birthdays in August! Extra special birthday greetings go out to Braden Mallasch, who will be double digits on the 2nd, & Amy Fuhrer, who turns 40 on the 31st! As always, Celebrate with LOTSA cake!!! 2 Braden Mallasch (DOUBLE DIGITS) 4 Rylan Todd 5 Justin Pratt […]

66th Lindskoog Family Reunion Minutes

1st Row: Nathan Kaminski, Megan Murray, Jack Miller, Colin Murray, Grace Miller 2nd Row: Colton Centnarowicz, Brett Centnarowicz, Emily Murray, Braden Mallasch with Tootsie Roll, Carol Beckland, Marlene Goodman, Joyce Petersen, Patricia Lindskoog 3rd Row: Steve Lindskoog, Eleanor Lindskoog, Sharon Miller, Marla Guziec, Julie Murray, Liam Murray, Julie Miller, Lisa Mallasch, Amanda Mallasch, Tedd Mallasch, […]

Lindskoog Family August Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating their birthdays in August!  Extra special birthday wishes go out to Donald Stefanik (who turns 65 on the 7th) and Brandon Cipolla (who turns 18 on the 29th)! 2 Braden Mallasch 4 Rylan Todd 5 Justin Pratt 5 Bethany Cleal 5 Drew Todd 7 Donald Stefanik […]

Happy Birthday to Lindskoogs Born in August

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog family members born in August.  Special birthday wishes go out to Loretta Miller (75 on the 12th), Matias Leon (five on the 23rd), Jessica Montgomery (Golden 25th Birthday), and Ken Porrey (eighty on 28th). 2 Braden Mallasch 4 Rylan Todd 5 Justin Pratt 5 Bethany Cleal 5 Drew […]

63rd Lindskoog Family Reunion – 2012

Back row (L-R): Mark Lindskoog, Steven Lindskoog, Chris Centnarowicz, Brandon Cipolla, Sharon Pechnick, Erik Pechnick, Jerry Petersen, Gavin LaFave, Michal LaFave, Jed Bruer, Bob Miller, Gary Guziec, Doug Guziec, Jack Gere, Don Diersen, Todd Mallasch, Loretta Miller, Bob Miller 3rd row (L-R): Devyn Pechnick, Melissa Cipolla, Eleanor Lindskoog, Pam Cipolla, Mark Pechnick, Tedd Mallasch, Gloria […]

Liam Robert Murray

  It is my great pleasure to introduce the newest Lindskoog Family Member, Liam Robert Murray.  He was born at 9:47 PM on June 28th. He was 8 lbs. 10 oz and both he and his mother are doing great.  This is baby number four for the Murrays, two girls & two boys, he joins […]

August Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog family members born in August!!!  Extra special Happy Birthday wishes go out to Allie Brown (turning one on the 6th), twin brothers Cooper & Dawson Wiggerman (celebrating their first birthdays on the 17th), Ellie Cecil (turning 21 on the 21st, so it’s also her Golden Birthday), Kevin Kaminski […]

62nd Lindskoog Family Reunion – 2011

Back row (L-R): Matt, Dru Brown, Kyle, Barry Tomaras, Ken Porrey, Melonie Brown, Ted Mallasch, Kirsten Greenfield, Eric Greenfield, Lucille Greenfield, Kate Greenfield, Karl Greenfield, Jamie Greenfield, Vince Murray, Bob Miller, Sharon Miller, Erik Miller. 3rd row (L-R): Joe, Tammy Beckland, Ron Wiggerman, Jim Montgomery, Bill Mielke, Laurie Mielke, Carol Beckland, Jerry Petersen, Jessica Montgomery, […]

2010 Lindskoog Family Reunion Minutes

Front row (L-R): Steve Lindskoog, Eleanor Lindskoog, Kristi Centarowicz, Brett Centnarowicz, Colton Centnarowicz, Jerry Petersen, Nicholas Gere, Amanda Mallasch, Mark Pechnick, Braden Mallasch, Jakob Lindskoog, Matt Lindskoog, Annika Fuhrer, Anderson Fuhrer, Amy Fuhrer, Joyce Petersen Second Row (L-R): Mike Hodge, Jed Bruer, Kelly Hodge, Harry Goodman, Jackson Gere, Erik Pechnick, Austin Wiggerman, Pat Lindskoog, Colin […]

Grace Kellen Miller

Here is a picture of the little cutie, Grace Kellen Miller, born on September 26th.  The proud parents Bob & Julie, as well as the excited, but a little confused, older brother, Jack, are all very happy, not sure of her weight, seven pounds something, or her length, but she is a keeper.  It’s Bob […]