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Nils Anton Lindskog, as told by Goran Swernfeldt

This is the story of Nils Anton Lindskog as told by Goran Swernfeldt. After reading this account I have come to the only logical conclusion, Nils Anton Lindskog & his lineage are Lindskoog Family Members, and I have added them to the official Lindskoog Family Tree, the Lindskoog Family Roster, & to the Lindskoog e-mail […]

Impromptu Gathering of 3 Matriarchs

Eva Miller was in Waupaca this past weekend for her Great Grandson Braden’s fifth birthday.  While in Waupaca she stayed with her daughters, Gloria & Joyce, and their families, at her cottage.  On her first night in town Eva made it to the town square & the gazebo, where the City Band performs every Friday […]