Monthly Archives: December 2010

Amanda Porrey’s Blog

No longer could I keep this exciting blog to myself, Amanda Porrey has an awesome blog, on which, she chronicles her life’s adventures.  Her is an excerpt from her latest post. We hiked through all kinds of vegetation and terrain. Sometimes we were in lush forest, sometimes we were surrounded by spaced out trees that […]

January Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family members celebrating their birthdays in January, extra special to thirty year olds Annette Todd & Nathaniel Todd,  & fifty year old Kim Kaminski, & Happy 2011 to all!!! 6 Erik Todd 7 Leif Richards 9 Laurie Mielke 9 Annette Todd (THIRTY) 10 Don Diersen 10 Kirk Wiggerman […]