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Eva Miller’s Old Photo Album

Enjoy viewing these pictures from Eva Miller’s old photo album.  They are, indeed, priceless!

Old Lindskoog Family Pictures from Ken Porrey


Lindskoogs on the Lakes

Here are a couple of pictures that are in the current Picture Post.  The first picture has Tedd Mallasch, next to me is Braden Mallasch, next to Braden is Amanda Mallasch, off to the right are Todd & Lisa Mallasch.  The photo is of us sitting on my pontoon boat, listening to Copperbox last Sunday […]

Florida Jeff Lindskoog & CHIP’s Ponch

Here’s a blast from everyone’s past for posting…..Ran into ‘Ponch’ at a National Sheriffs Convention down here…..and no….he didn’t try to sell me any real estate….Jeff Hey Jeff, one question, who’s the movie star???