Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members turning a year older in the 1st month of 2017! Extra special birthday wishes go out to a couple cousins who will be twenty-one Matthew Todd on the 14th & Kiersten Lindskoog on the 18th, and on the 22nd Brittany Kaminski turns THIRTY! Happy Birthday one & all and Remember to Have LOTSA funn eating LOTSA cake, Doing what you wanna do, Partying BIG!!! Rock On!!!

1 Lyndon Winter
3 Lane Brown
6 Erik Todd
7 Leif Richards
9 Laurie Mielke
9 Annette Todd-Corona
10 Don Diersen
10 Kirk Wiggerman
11 Lauren Biegert
11 David Lindskoog
14 Jan Porrey
14 Ralph Dear
14 Matthew Todd (Twenty-one!)
14 Nathaniel Todd
16 Cindy Todd
17 Kim Kaminski
18 Kiersten Lindskoog (Twenty-one!)
22 Brittany Kaminski (THIRTY!)
23 Ron Wiggerman
26 Brooke Clark
26 Ryan Beckland
30 Rachel Brown
30 Emily Murray
31 Maureen Guziec

Lincoln Dean Clark

Congrats to proud parents Brooke & Troy Clark on the birth of their son Lincoln Dean Clark. Lincoln was born on December 8th at 3:12 PM, weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces & measuring 21.5 inches. He joins big sisters Alexis Clark, Athena Clark, & Bailey Grisham. Also congrats go out to Grandparents Keith & Becky Brown and Great Grandma Evie Brown. Both baby & mother are doing well. Welcome to the Lindskoog Family Lincoln and look forward to meeting you at a Lindskoog Family Reunion!

Jeff Lindskoog Marries Marie Smith-Radel


On November 27th Marie Smith-Radel married Jeff Lindskoog (the son of Roger & Pat Lindskoog), a very striking couple indeed! I’d like to congratulate the newlyweds and welcome Marie & her children Chloe Radel, Christopher Radel, & Claire Radel into the Lindskoog Family. They join Jeff & daughter Kiersten in making up one big happy family.

December Lindskoog Family Birthdays


Happy Birthday Wishes go out to all of the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating birthdays in December! Extra special birthday wishes go out to McKenna Kinsey celebrating her golden birthday on the 8th and turning double digits will be Brett Centnarowicz on the 19th & Elizabeth Lindskoog on the 21st! Happy Birthday One & All, Celebrate with LOTSA cake, and Rock On!!!

1 Kim Diersen
1 Matthew Biegert
3 Hannah Cleal
4 Adam Porrey
8 Vince Murray
8 McKenna Kinsey (Golden Birthday)
9 Autumn Padilla
9 Dalton Brown
9 Keegan Brown
11 Shane Brown
11 Heath Brown
11 Matt Porrey
11 Bridger Tomaras
12 Annika Gehl
15 Mary Jo Tomaras
15 Isabella Lindqvist
16 Joan Tomaras
16 Ben Porrey
17 Dean Tomaras
17 Matt DeMuro
17 Corwin Brown
18 Jonathan Lindskoog
18 Tyler Lindskoog
18 Berkley Wiggerman
19 Jason Richards
19 Brett Centnarowicz (Double Digits)
19 Daniel Guziec
20 Avian Todd
20 Brenda Porrey
21 Christer Nilsson
21 Elizabeth Lindskoog (Double Digits)
24 Brianna Sotelo
24 Erik Beckland
25 Margareta Persson
25 Julie Miller
26 Robyn Brown
26 Denise Wiggerman
26 Wren Richards
27 Tomas Swernfeldt
28 David Meischen
28 Erik Richards
30 Elinor Henricksen
30 Eva Henricksen
30 Henry Hall
31 Ronny Ochoa
?? Mary Calkins

Adler John Porrey


Congratulations go out to proud parents Aaron & Brenda Porrey on the birth of their son Adler John! Congrats also go out to proud Grandparents John Porrey & Lisa Delfosse-Krueger and proud Great Grandparents Ken & Jan Porrey! Adler was born on November 18th and joins big sister Hannah & big brother Jayden. Both baby and mother are doing well. Adler, Welcome the Lindskoog Family and look forward to meeting you at the Family Reunion!

Twins!!! Jack & Adaline Brown



I wanted to take time out to congratulate proud parents Doug & Christine Brown on the birth of their twins Jack Douglas & Adaline Lydia!!! Also congrats go out to Grandparents Shawn & Robyn and Great Grandma Evie Brown!!! The twins were born on November 13th and babies & momma are doing fine. Welcome to the Lindskoog Family and look forward to seeing you at the Family Reunion!

Jacob Lindqvist


The newest addition to the Lindskoog Family is Jacob Lindqvist, born September 14th to proud parents Mats & Jane, and he makes Isabella the big sister. Extra proud Grandmother Titti Nilsson sent me the email announcement, Grandfather Bengt-Eric is equally proud. Congratulations to the entire family and welcome to the Lindskoog Family baby Jacob!



Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating birthdays in November!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Jeffrey Lindskoog who will hit the BIG FIVE-OH! & Samantha Steiger who will be UNO! on the 7th and on the 25th Alex Beckland turns 21!!! Be sure to Celebrate with LOTSA cake & continue to Rock On!!!

1 Jeff Wiggerman
2 Nicholas Gere
3 Alexander Linde
4 Dawn Sothan
5 Tammy Beckland-Smith
7 Jodi Porrey
7 Jeffrey Lindskoog (BIG FIVE-OH!)
7 Samantha Steiger (UNO!)
8 Tara Kamiski
8 Rachel Beckland
9 Annaliese Lindskoog
10 Jason Gere
11 Sharon Miller
11 David Kinsey
12 Ingemar Persson
12 Ingrid Lilja
12 Jakob Gustafsson
16 Jodie Montgomery
19 Hudson Brown
20 Josh Hunter
23 Jack McNicholas
23 Ethan Richards
25 Walter Dear
25 Alex Beckland (Twentyone!)
25 Brady Henricksen
26 Dylan Kaminski
27 Andreas Hoffer
28 Claire Brown
29 Joyce Lindskoog

October Lindskoog Family Birthdays


Happy Birthday one & all to all Lindskoog Family Members born in October. Extra special birthday wishes go out to Amelia Nicolas who will be Double Digits on the 11th, on the 16th turning FIFTY is Pam Cipolla, and Goran Swernfeldt turns the BIG SEVEN-OH! on the 21st. Celebrate your birthdays with LOTSA cake, doing what you wanna do, & Rock On!!!

1 Lewis Calkins
1 Melonie Brown
2 Arthur Nicolas
3 Chris Centnarowicz
3 Jecicca Linde
3 Millie Beckland
4 Jon Todd
5 Katarina Gustafsson
6 Barry Tomaras
6 Amy Hall
6 Karalee Gendreau
7 Jennifer Lindskoog
8 Marilyn Wiggerman
8 Henry Beckland
10 Cindy Lindskoog
10 Troy Clark
10 Max Brown
11 Amelia Nicolas (Double Digits)
12 Kimberly Todd
13 Fredrik Swernfeldt
15 Linne Calkins
15 Andrew Buchanan
15 Brandin Padilla
16 Pam Cipolla (FIFTY)
16 Gareth Lindskoog
19 Magnus Hoffer
19 Jennifer Brown
20 Bobby Miller
21 Goran Swernfeldt (BIG SEVEN-OH!)
21 Liz Manley-DeMuro
22 Diane Stefanik
22 Tabitha Fortier
25 Pete Porrey
27 Marlene Goodman

Amanda Mallasch in Finland


Shoulda told you this sooner, Amanda Mallasch went to Finland the beginning of August & will be there as a Rotary exchange student for her junior year of high school. She will be there for about one year and is enjoying her experience abroad. Amanda will be living with three different host families while she is there. Her current host family has a daughter about Amanda’s age. It’s a little tough not knowing the language, after one week of language camp, but everybody knows English. Amanda is making friends, learning Finnish, and going to school daily. She is particularly fond of the way they make potatoes.

It’s not the same with Amanda so far away, but we are adjusting knowing she is enjoying her experience of a lifetime. Wishing her all the best, stay safe, and have LOTSA funn!!!