Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog firecracker family members born in July!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Jayden Krueger who turns Double Digits! on the 2nd, turning FORTY! on the 21st is Jamie Beckland, and celebrating their very first birthday (UNO!) on the 25th is Bentley Porrey!!! Hope to see messy cake eating pics of Bentley!!! Enjoy your birthdays with a BANG & LOTSA cake!!!

1 Jan Biegert
1 Michael Gehl
2 Jeffery Lindskoog
2 Jayden Krueger (Double Digits)
4 Kate Wiggerman
4 Tyler Miller
11 Athena Clark
11 Rickiya Miller
12 Jeremy Dear
13 Ryan Richards
16 Ann Persson
17 Anders Swernfeldt
18 Steven Lindskoog
21 Jerry Petersen
21 Jamie Beckland (FORTY!)
22 Joey Sparacio
23 Jethro Swanson
25 Kevin Todd
25 Nathan Kaminski
25 Bentley Porrey (UNO!)
26 Renee Beckland
26 Heather Redmond
26 Jon Diersen
27 Tracy Tomaras
30 Robert Henricksen
31 Tom Henricksen
31 Ross Brown

Devyn & Dave Reing’s Wedding

Devyn Pechnick married Dave Reing on June 23rd in Columbus, Ohio. They started dating seven years ago after meeting while playing co-ed rec soccer at The Ohio State University! Devyn is the daughter of Sharon Miller and the granddaughter of Bob & Loretta Miller.

There were four speeches given by four different maid/matron of honor & a couple of best men, each speech was better & funnier than the one before. Their first dance was to First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. Then Devyn danced with her grandfather to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Next Dave danced with his mother to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Everything was perfect! Dave, Welcome to the Lindskoog Family & Here’s to wishing the happy newlyweds a lifetime of all the best life has to offer!!!

Rin Hinata Fortier

I wanna welcome the newest addition to the Lindskoog Family, Rin Hinata Fortier, born June 8th. Tabitha & Nicholas are the proud parents of this beautiful baby girl. She is the 4th child in the family, joining older brother Jethro Swanson and older sisters Jima & Anna Swanson. Laurie & Bill Mielke are the Grandparents and Evie Brown is the Great Grandmother.

June Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members Celebrating Birthdays in June!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Ellie Buchanan on the 12th & Grey Richards on the 28th both will be Double Digits, turning FORTY! will be Marla Trost on the 13th & Michael Pope on the 20th, and Welcome to the Club Cousin Kelly Hodge who hits the BIG SIX-OH! on the 19th!!! Wishing Everyone the Happiest of Birthdays, May All Your Wishes Come True, Make sure to blow out all those candles!!!

2 Therese Nilsson
3 Neo Swernfeldt
8 Stacey Trost
9 Erica Tomaras
11 Neil Pratt
12 Ellie Buchanan (Double Digits)
13 Marla Trost (FORTY!)
14 Anna-Lena Swernfeldt
14 Marcello Persson
15 Amanda Porrey
15 Kiki Porrey
16 Lisbet Linde
17 Betsy Ocha
19 Kelly Hodge (BIG SIX-OH!)
20 Michael Pope (FORTY!)
21 Melissa Fry
23 Ted Mallasch
24 Mark Lindskoog
24 Milton Swernfeldt
26 Gary Cleal
26 Jane Lindqvist
26 Lincoln Winter
27 Gavin LaFave
28 Grey Richards (Double Digits)
28 Liam Murray
30 Caroline Linde

Tara & Randy Scattergood’s Wedding

My Goddaughter Tara Kaminski got married to Randy Scattergood on my birthday. What an excellent way to celebrate my 62nd, on Folly Beach, SC, witnessing two people who are in love tie the knot, plenty of beer, great food, everything was perfect (even a rainbow, still wondering how they worked that one out)! Randy, Welcome to the Lindskoog Family!

May Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating birthdays in May!!! Extra special birthday wishes to Sadie Todd who will be Thirty! on the 2nd, four family members who will be Double Digits – Thomas Henricksen on the 7th, Camryn Todd on the 16th, Kaidan Sothen on the 22nd, & Sam Biegert on the 30th, and Amanda Mallasch who turns eighteen on the 18th, thus her Golden Birthday. Celerate with LOTSA cake!!!

1 Jay Richards
1 Bryant Dear
1 Libby Porrey
2 Marla Guziec
2 Sadie Todd (Thirty!)
4 Gregg Lindskoog
4 Caiden Brown
5 Alexis Clark
6 Zoey Parkinson
7 Andrew Porrey
7 Samantha Mielke
7 Thomas Henricksen (Double Digits)
9 Jima Swanson
10 Jenny Buchanan
11 Marie Lindskoog
11 Karina Gehl
12 Mary Jane Hall
13 Gloria Mallasch
14 Alyssa Sparacio
15 Jason Trost
15 Marissa Kinsey
16 Camryn Todd (Double Digits)
17 Jed Bruer
18 Amanda Mallasch (Golden Birthday)
18 Brian Brown
19 Lisa Mallasch
19 Doug Guziec
20 Megan Murray
20 Penya Richards
22 Heidi Todd
22 Kaidan Sothen (Double Digits)
24 Paige Richards
26 Lynn Dear
27 Evie Brown
27 Erik Greenfield
27 Kris Beckland
28 Ryan Calkins
29 Sarah Henricksen
29 Linnea Diersen
30 Sam Biegert (Double Digits)
30 Natapong Lindqvist
31 Doug Porrey
31 Kaden Sotelo
31 Katie Murray

April Lindskoog Family Birthdays

LOTSA Lindskoog Family Members Celebrating BIG birthdays in April, but none BIGGER than Bob Miller on the 16th & Ed Lindskoog on the 20th – Both hitting their BIG EIGHT-OH! Luke Cleal will be 21 on the 1st, Peter Lindqvist is halfway there turning the BIG FIVE-OH! on the 2nd, turning thirty will be Celeste Henricksen on the 4th & Dustin Lindskoog on the 6th, Tim Trost turns FORTY! on the 20th, and on the 30th Sabrina Owen will be UNO! Happy Birthday one & all, Be sure to celebrate with LOTSA cake!

1 Luke Cleal (Twenty-one)
1 Jonas Gustafsson
2 Peter Lindqvist (BIG FIVE-OH!)
2 Kayla Lindqvist
3 Bengt-Eric Nilsson
3 Anya Brown
4 Celeste Henricksen (Thirty!)
5 Kate Greenfield
6 Aaron Porrey
6 Dustin Lindskoog (Thirty!)
7 Tomas Persson
8 Doug Brown
8 Bailey Grisham
9 Gary Guziec
11 Gunilla Hoffer
12 Diana Dear
14 Tedd Mallasch
15 Christopher Radel
16 Bob Miller (BIG EIGHT-OH!)
16 Todd Mallasch
16 Camilla Lindblom
16 Aaron Pruitt
17 Henry Swernfeldt
19 Lindsay Tomaras
19 Liam Winter
20 Ed Lindskoog (BIG EIGHT-OH!)
20 Jim Lindskoog
20 Tim Trost (FORTY!)
20 Erik Pechnick
22 Alicia Brown
23 Georgina Lindskoog
23 Jeremy Tomaras
24 Brad Wiggerman
24 Charlotte Nilsson
26 Dru Brown
26 Lane Lindeman
26 Maggie Guziec
27 Cathy Lindskoog
29 Mike Hodge
30 Randy Scattergood
30 Sabrina Owen (UNO!)

March Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the March Lindskoog Birthday Babies!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Eva Nilsson who will be the BIG SIX-OH! on the 4th, turning FORTY! will be Amber Tomaras on the 8th & Sadie Nicolas on the 22nd, Bodil Mandorsson hits the BIG SEVEN-OH! on the 9th, hitting Double Digits is Colin Murray on the 9th & Anton Persson on the 31st, and becoming legal 21 year olds are twin brothers Michael & Andrew Lindskoog and Joe Porrey on the 18th!!! For the newly legal 21 year olds, Lift a green beer to celebrate your birthday in the month of St. Patrick!!! To everyone else, maybe LOTSA green cake will be in order. No matter how you choose to celebrate, Do it LARGE & ENJOY!!!

1 Bill Mielke
2 Mary Porrey
4 Eva Nilsson (BIG SIX-OH!)
5 Riley Winter
7 Karl Greenfield
7 Landon Porrey
8 Amber Tomaras (FORTY!)
8 Abel Leon
9 Bodil Mandorsson (BIG SEVEN-OH!)
9 Julie Murray
9 Colin Murray (Double Digits)
11 Su Te Brown
11 Andrew Lindskoog (Twenty-One!)
11 Michael Lindskoog (Twenty-One!)
11 Ariel Haywood
12 Ramon “Tre” Santiago III
14 Eleanor Lindskoog
16 Nicholas Fortier
16 Joseph Pratt
17 Shawn Brown
17 Jaime Greenfield
18 Jerry Trost
18 Joe Porrey (Twenty-One!)
18 Lukas Gustafsson
19 Caycee Porrey
19 Molly Montgomery
20 Lars Persson
20 Goran Persson
20 Amanda Winter
21 Lo Swernfeldt
22 Sadie Nicolas (FORTY!)
22 Stella Richards
24 Gloria Greenfield
25 Trevor Gere
26 Shirley Diersen
26 Taylor Lindskoog
27 Roger Lindskoog
28 Kamari Anderson
28 Gaed Lindqvist
29 Mark Pechnick
31 Reagan Winter
31 Anton Persson (Double Digits)
?? Geoff Johnson

February Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating February birthdays!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Wes Henricksen who turns FORTY! on the 4th, turning Double Digits is Jack Miller on the 20th, and our twins born to different mothers are Kyle Guziec & Melissa Cipolla who will be celebrating their Golden Birthdays on the 26th!!! Happy Birthday One & All!!! Enjoy your birthdays with LOTSA Cake & LOTSA Love!!!

2 Novalie Swernfeldt
2 Lucy Greenfield
2 Henry Persson
3 Stephen Todd
4 Wes Henricksen (FORTY!)
4 Caryn Sparacio
5 Chad Brown
5 Rick Sothen
6 Zachary Lindskoog
6 Caedence Porrey
7 Melissa Todd-Leon
10 Joyce Petersen
10 Jackson Gere
10 Holly Todd
11 Ed Biegert
11 Devyn Pechnick
11 Karin Lindblom
11 James Haywood
14 Joshua Diersen
13 Titti Nilsson
15 Tarina Richards
16 Gunnar Lindeman
17 Ulf Linde
18 Jonas Linde
18 Wendy Johnson
18 Dawn Lindeman
20 Sadie Richards
20 Jack Miller (Double Digits)
20 Harley Miller
22 Zeke Brown
25 Bert Lindblom
25 Patricia Lindskoog
25 Mike Porrey
26 Keith Brown
26 Kyle Guziec (GOLDEN)
26 Melissa Cipolla (GOLDEN)

Happy January Birthdays Lindskoog Family Members

Happy New Year All!!! Also, Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members born in January!!! Celebrate BIG time!!! Wishing everybody a Happy & Healthy 2018!!!

1 Lyndon Winter
3 Lane Brown
6 Erik Todd
7 Leif Richards
9 Laurie Mielke
9 Annette Todd-Corona
10 Don Diersen
10 Kirk Wiggerman
11 Lauren Biegert
11 David Lindskoog
14 Jan Porrey
14 Nathaniel Todd
14 Ralph Dear
14 Matthew Todd
16 Cindy Todd
17 Kim Kaminski
18 Kiersten Lindskoog
22 Brittany Kaminski
23 Ron Wiggerman
26 Brooke Clark
26 Ryan Beckland
30 Emily Murray
30 Rachel Brown
31 Maureen Guziec