Alice Porrey Hultberg’s Memorial

Astrid Karen (my great grandmother) was born on March 4th, 1905 to August and Ellen Lindskoog.  She had 6 brothers – 5 of whom preceded her in death and 1 sister.

“Astrid” – such a pretty name – however grandma never liked the name because as a child, other children teased her about it so she decided to be called “Alice” which remained her name throughout her life in spite of the fact that was never changed legally.  She enjoyed her childhood with her family, graduated from a 2-year business college, and entered into the business world.  She met Josiah Porrey and they were married on November 23, 1925.  They had 5 children – Lois, Kenneth, and Douglas and 2 baby girls, Gloria and Barbara who both died in infancy.

My grandma was a kind, loving, unselfish, and generous person who always put the needs of others before her own.  She was always there to help out whenever she was needed.  She was a very religious person.  She always attended church and read her bible and devotions every day.  Grandma loved music and loved to sing and play musical instruments.  She was great at playing her Ukulele, harmonica, and her first love – the piano.  She and grandpa sang duets together and would sing at nursing homes.  The children were brought up with music and whenever the family went for rides in the car, they would all harmonize and sing together.  Her love of music also led her to start collecting music boxes.

After moving up to Waupaca from Chicago, Grandma started the first Lindskoog Family Reunion, which has continued throughout the years.  I don’t think she ever thought that one day SHE would be the oldest member in the Lindskoog family.  She was loved by everyone in the family and enjoyed all family gatherings.

She and Joe belonged to the Waupaca Square Dancing Club and she was active in the Senior Center until she was unable to attend anymore.  Grandma loved fishing and she loved to play cards especially with her grandchildren and they in turn loved to play cards with her and grandpa.  She was very competitive and wanted no nonsense during the game, as she was a serious card player.  Her favorite game to play was called “Chicken” which was played with dice.  When the family got together we always knew that Grandma carried dice in her purse and before long everyone was gathered around the table enjoying a game of “Chicken”.

Grandma was a wonderful cook and really enjoyed it.  Many family members remember the Swedish meals she would cook around the holidays and who could ever forget Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house?  She always made it so special.

After grandpa was no longer able to work, grandma became the cook for the Childcare Center and worked there for several years.  She loved children and loved to baby-sit.  She cared for several children in her home to supplement their income.

After 53 years of marriage, Grandpa died and Grandma was alone.  However, she was lucky enough to find love a second time and married Bert Hultberg in 1979.  They were married for 13 happy years when he passed away and she was left alone again.

It was then that she moved into the Bethany Apartments and lived there until she could no longer care for herself when she moved into the Bethany Home.  She was happy and never complained about her life in spite of the fact that it was 95, most of her friends were gone.

Grandma was a good patient both at Bethany and at the end when she went to the hospital.  She never wanted to bother anyone.  When asked how she was feeling, she always answered with a smile on her face, saying that she was just fine.  She accepted whatever life offered her whether it was good or bad and never complained about the bad and was thankful for the good.  She didn’t have a lot of money and never asked for more.  In fact when able, she was really into the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes and sent the letters back always with the feeling that someday she was going to win.  When asked what she would do with the money if she ever did win the Sweepstakes, she always said that she would share it with her family and her church.  She was a giving person and never a taker and gave to numerous charities besides her church.

The staff at Bethany will always remember Alice as this smiling person who would walk down the hall – never bothering anyone – and answering “Oh, I’m just fine” when asked “How are you doing, Alice?”  She is going to be missed but she left all of us with so many memories, which we will carry in our hearts.  Among them is one special memory of visiting her at Bethany.  When leaving and saying goodbye and giving her a kiss, she always answered by saying, “Bye Bye – and Thank You for coming.”  And I am sure that today – she is saying to all of us here –

“Bye Bye.  And thank you for coming.”

Amber & Lindsay Tomaras