Monthly Archives: August 2010

Cooper Jack Wiggerman & Dawson Rylee Wiggerman

Here is a Lindskoog Family first, identical twins, proud parents are Kati & Jeff Wiggerman, tickled pink Big Brother Berkley, they were born August 17th. Cooper Jack was born at 9:45am weighing in at 5#13 oz 18.5in. and Dawson Rylee was born at 9:51am weighing 5#14oz 19in. They were born naturally, are identical, perfect babies! […]

September Lindskoog Family Birthdays

School days are upon us, but take time out to celebrate the birthdays of those Lindskoog Family members born in September, and as always, eat LOTSA cake!!! 1 Cynthia Gehl 1 Jordan Mielke (21st Birthday) 2 Trevor Brown 6 Finnley Marie Richards (1st Birthday) 7 Lizzie Porrey 7 Michala Salazar 9 Nancy Gere (BIG FOUR-OH) […]

Harry Goodman’s Memorial

Marla Guziec As a child, my father taught me many things. He taught me to be patient, confident, loving, adventuresome, giving, determined and above all, to follow my dreams. He always made me believe that I could reach for the stars, and I should always strive to be the best that I could be. I […]

Help Support Nic Sotelo

This picture is of proud daddy, Nic Sotelo, with his son, Kaden.  Kaden had just graduated from kindergarten.  Below is the latest journal entry, August 5th, written in Caring Bridge, sign up at their website by clicking here to follow Nic’s progress as he battles cancer, go get ’em Nic, we all wish you the […]

The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

Check out this PSA from Palm Beach County talking about the dangers of prescription drugs.  Besides it being a worthwhile message, one of the people delivering the message is our very own, Jeffery Lindskoog, thanks Jeff for sending this in, so that it could be shared with the family.

August Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family members in August.  Enjoy your cake, which is better eaten than worn!!! 2 Braden Mallasch 5 Justin Pratt 5 Bethany Cleal 5 Drew Dishman 7 Donald Stefanik 10 Lois Tomaras 10 Becky Brown 10 Dominic Sotelo 12 Loretta Miller 13 Tod Beckland 14 Austin Wiggerman 14 Owen […]