Rowan Rae Porrey

It is with tremendous sadness I bring you the heartbreaking news of baby Rowan’s passing. This beautiful baby girl was born May 25th, 2017 to Andrew Porrey & Rachel Grawvunder, grandparents John Porrey & Lisa Delfosse-Krueger, and great grandparents Ken & Jan Porrey. Although she was taken far too soon, she touched everyone’s hearts she came into contact with. May her memory live on in hearts forever. Heartfelt sympathy goes out to the grief stricken parents, along with the entire family. Sending Love.

September Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family Members born in September (which is also the opening month of the NFL Season)!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Cynthia Gehl who will be the BIG FIVE-OH! on the 1st, on the 8th Inga Persson will be Ninety-Five!, marking his first birthday is Jacob Lindqvist who will be UNO on the 14th, and Lewis Calkins will be Forty! in September!!! Wishing all of you WONDERFUL birthdays filled with LOTSA love, LOTSA laughs, and especially LOTSA cake!!!

1 Cynthia Gehl (BIG FIVE-OH!)
1 Jordan Mielke
1 Tilde Persson
2 Trevor Brown
3 Mikael Lindblom
5 Diana Swernfeldt
6 Shannon Portillo
6 Finnley Richards
7 Lizzie Porrey
8 Inga Persson (Ninety-Five!)
9 Nancy Gere
9 Dan Lindskoog
9 Wade Henricksen
9 Andrew Haywood
9 Ian Lindskoog
9 Chloe Radel
11 Tom Gendreau
11 Matt Lindskoog
11 Candis Duke
11 Ava Biegert
12 Kristi Centnarowicz
14 Jacob Lindqvist (UNO)
15 Scott Wiggerman
15 Julia Richards
16 Kim Beckland
17 Mark Wiggerman
17 Wynn Henricksen
17 Justin Kaminski
18 Richard Montgomery
20 Carol Beckland
20 Christine Brown
22 Jakob Lindskoog
22 Sterling Brown
22 Anna Swanson
26 Josefin Persson
26 Gianna Lindskoog
26 Grace Miller
27 Leia Lindqvist
28 Claire Radel
29 Lance Goodman
30 Katrina Parkinson
?? Ryan Calkins (Forty!)

2017 Lindskoog Family Reunion

Front Row: Rachel Beckland, Tod Beckland, Molly Montgomery, Corwin Brown, Anya Brown, Andrew Porrey, Colton Swanson, Natalia LaBelle, Braden Mallasch, Todd Mallasch, Lisa Mallasch, Kirk Wiggerman, Dave Greenfield, Barry Tomaras, Mary Jo Tomaras

Second Row: Su Te Brown, Rachel Grawvunder, Rowan Porrey, Evie Brown, Lois Tomaras, Jeff Lindskoog, Gloria Mallasch, Marilyn Wiggerman, Carol Beckland, Mike Hodge

Third Row: Loretta Miller, Patricia Lindskoog, Joyce Petersen, Jodie Montgomery, Tedd Mallasch, Dorene Wiggerman, Cindy Lindskoog, Ted Mallasch, Ron Wiggerman, Kelly Hodge, Robyn Brown, Jan Porrey

Fourth Row: Renee Beckland, Jssica Owen, Bob Owen, Sabrina Owen, Kirsten Greenfield, Bob Miller, Roger Lindskoog, Jerry Petersen, Bill Kaminski, Betty Porrey, Mike Porrey, John Porrey, Ken Porrey, Jed Bruer, Shawn Brown

The 69th Lindskoog Family Reunion was held June 23, 2017 at South Park in Waupaca, Wisconsin. It was hosted by Barry & Mary Jo Tomaras and Kirk & Dorene Wiggerman. The main course was pulled pork, along with many salads, and lots of desserts, Everything was delicious!

There were sixty one family members in attendance. Evie Brown at 91 was the oldest family member and Rowan Porrey at a little under one month old was the youngest. Corwin & Su Te and Anya Brown traveled the furthest to attend, coming all the way from China. No family members died since the last Reunion. There were seven new family members born. 9/14/16 Jacob Mats Sawade Lindqvist to parents Mats & Jane Lindqvist, 11/13/16 Jack Douglas Brown & Adaline Lydia Brown to parents Doug & Christine Brown, 11/18/16 Adler John Porrey to parents Aaron & Brenda Porrey,
12/8/16 Lincoln Dean Clark to Parents Brooke & Dave Clark, 4/30/17 Sabrina Owen to parents Jessica & Bob Owen, and
5/25/17 Rowan Rae Porrey to parents Andrew Porrey & Rachel Grawvunder.

There were several games & activities, including, Jenga, MoLKKY, the Dollar Raffle $57 won by Jeff Lindskoog, and the Egg Toss (maybe their egg was hard boiled) won by Joyce & Jerry Petersen.

Among the photos below are family pictures from Patricia Lindskoog for all to see. There is a photo, along with this writeup from the Erik & Kate Greenfield Family. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it this year, but here is what we’ve been up to… Kate continues to do amazing work as a special education teacher at Schenk Elementary in Madison (12 years now!). Lucy just finished kindergarten and is excited to enter first grade in the fall, while Penny is entering four-year-old kindergarten. Both girls are doing gymnastics and swimming lessons right now (and getting to have lots of adventures with Mom while they’re all off for the summer). As for me, I have been the communications manager for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce for the past year and am loving every minute of it. Otherwise, we’re all looking forward to a great summer living in quiet suburban Madison. Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion! A couple of photos & a writeup from the Julie & Vince Murray clan. We are not sure if we will be making it this year — Colin’s baseball team is seeded first and he is in a tournament that weekend so it will depend how his team does. Here’s our update in case we don’t make it to the reunion…As you can see from the picture we keep quite busy with these fab 5. Emily (11), Colin (9), Meg (7), Liam (5), and Kate (1). The kids are very involved in sports- Emily is on the swim team and plays soccer. Colin plays baseball, hockey and football. Meg plays soccer. Liam starts soccer in the fall. Vince is currently getting his doctorate in Education and is busy taking classes every other weekend. I continue to tutor and also teach STEM classes. We hope everyone has a wonderful day at the reunion! A photo & writeup from Karl & Jaime and Gloria Greenfield. We won’t be able to make the reunion, but we wanted to send our best wishes to the Lindskoog family that will be there. Gloria turned 2 in March, and we are staying busy in La Crosse WI. We have an amateur baseball team here in La Crosse and we have half season tickets to their games. We love our baseball. Jaime has been conducting the Da Capo Band since 2014, which is a community band her grandfather started in 1984. She also continues to play her trumpet regularly. I’ve been conducting our church choir and singing to keep myself out of trouble, and I will be the music director for La Crosse Community Theatre’s production of The Music Man in September. Gloria keeps us on our toes, as she is quite the energetic toddler. Hopefully we can join you all in the Chicagoland area in 2018! Jan Biegert wrote this – Hi folks, This is Jan Lindskoog Biegert reporting in. Sorry, none of the Biegerts will be attending the reunion this year but I can fill you in on what we’re up to. I am in the midst of selling the condo in Arlington Heights and moving to Woodbury, MN, where our son and his family live. That’s Matt, Heather, Ava and Sam. Husband Ed is in nearby assisted living. The move has been complicated by my two hip surgeries since last fall (In case you are wondering, the cat tripped me and yes, he is black.} Daughter Lauren, who currently teaches in Sri Lanka, is in town for a few weeks and is helping me get organized. Although Ed and I did the big move from house to condo 15 years ago, things accumulate more quickly that you might expect. I have not been to reunions in recent years, but I have fond memories of the old days. The photos on the Lindskoog Family Reunion page are such fun. Were we ever that young! I hope you have great weather. I know you will have great fun! Katarina Gustafsson provided some photos, along with this writeup – Hello everyone! Here comes a greeting from your distant relatives in Sweden, parts of the Christer Linde family! We’re not joining you all this year at the reunion, but perhaps next year at the jubilee of 70th anniversary. Then it is 20 years ago since my dad and mum visited you all! In the first picture you see me and my nephew Alexander who just got back from UN deployment in Mali. The second picture you see my two boys Jakob and Lukas together with Alexander. In the third pic you have my brother Ulf, my sister in law Jeccica and my niece Caroline and Alexander. My husband Jonas was the eminent photographer!

A good time was had by one & all! Thanks to all the hard work by Mary Jo & Barry Tomaras and Kirk & Dorene Wiggerman!!! Looking forward to June 30, 2018, which will be the 70th Lindskoog Family Reunion, hosted by the Marlene Goodman Family in the Chicago area!!! If you’ve not been to a Reunion in a while, we’re not getting any younger, and what the heck are you waiting for??? This is a once in a lifetime getting out in the fresh air and having LOTSA funn with the Lindskoog Family!!! Don’t miss it!!! Be there or Be square.

Bentley Jay Porrey, Welcome to the Lindskoog Family!!!

Congrats to Proud Parents Cassie & Adam Porrey, Grandparents John Porrey & Lisa Krueger, and Ken & Jan Porrey on the birth of Bentley Jay Porrey!!! Such a beautiful baby boy!!! Bentley was born July 25th at 10:32 PM, weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces, and measuring 21 inches, He’s a real cutie!!!

August Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating birthdays in August!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Justin Pratt who will be twenty on the 5th, on the 6th Emma Nilsson turns thirty, turning thirty on the 20th is Gustav Hoffer, Natalia Henricksen will be forty on the 22nd, turning double digits on the 23rd will be Matias Leon, and Jessica Owen will be thirty on the 25th!!! Happy Birthday One & All!!! Celebrate with LOTSA cake & LOTSA funn!!!

2 Braden Mallasch
4 Rylan Todd
5 Drew Todd
5 Bethany Cleal
5 Justin Pratt (Twenty)
6 Emma Nilsson (Thirty!)
6 Allie Brown
7 Donald Stefanik
7 Grayson Todd
9 Bowen Bruer
10 Lois Tomaras
10 Becky Brown
10 Dominic Sotelo
12 Loretta Miller
13 Tod Beckland
14 Austin Wiggerman
14 Owen Brown
16 Bjorn Hoffer
17 Cooper Wiggerman
17 Dawson Wiggerman
19 Karen Greene
20 Gustav Hoffer (Thirty!)
20 Clayton Brown
21 Ellie Haywood
21 Bree Brown
22 Natalia Henricksen (FORTY!)
22 Colton Centnarowicz
23 Mats Lindqvist
23 Matias Leon (Double Digits)
24 John Porrey
24 Sofia Larsson
25 Dorene Wiggerman
25 Nic Sparacio
25 Jessica Owen (Thirty!)
25 Avery Corona
26 Kevin Kaminski
28 Ken Porrey
29 Jim Montgomery
29 Dave Cipolla
29 Brandon Cipolla
29 Penny Greenfield
30 Malena Brown
31 Amy Fuhrer
31 Ben Sparacio
31 Cassie Porrey
31 Kianna Anderson

July Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating birthdays with LOTSA cake & ice cream in July!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Jan Biegert who turns the BIG EIGH-OH! on the 1st, on the 12th Jeremy Dear turns thirty, Evan Henricksen will be double digis on the 30th, and on the 31st Tom Henricksen hits the BI SEVEN-OH! Happy Birthday One & All and Remember to Celebrate like the Rock Star you are!!!

1 Jan Biegert (BIG EIGHT-OH!)
1 Michael Gehl
2 Jeffery Lindskoog
2 Jayden Krueger
4 Tyler Richards
4 Kate Wiggerman
7 Bill Kaminski
11 Rickiya Miller
11 Athena Clark
12 Jeremy Dear (Thirty)
13 Ryan Richards
16 Ann Persson
17 Anders Swernfeldt
18 Steven Lindskoog
21 Jerry Petersen
21 Jamie Beckland
22 Joey Sparacio
23 Jethro Swanson
25 Kevin Todd
25 Nathan Kaminski
26 Jon Diersen
26 Renee Beckland
26 Heather Redmond
27 Tracy Tomaras
30 Evan Henricksen (Double Digits)
31 Tom Henricksen (BIG SEVEN-OH!)
31 Ross Brown

Katarina Gustafsson Reports Family News From Sweden

Hello everyone! Here comes a greeting from your distant relatives in Sweden, parts of the Christer Linde family! We’re not joining you all this year at the reunion, but perhaps next year at the jubilee of 70th anniversary. Then it is 20 years ago since my dad and mum visited you all!

In the first picture you see me and my nephew Alexander who just got back from UN deployment in Mali. The second picture you see my two boys Jakob and Lukas together with Alexander. In the third pic you have my brother Ulf, my sister in law Jeccica and my niece Caroline and Alexander. My husband Jonas was the eminent photographer!

Colorado Porreys Family Update

Here are the Colorado Porreys, in their black and white finery. The family re-visited Puerto Rico where Matt and Caycee tied the knot eighteen year ago. Libby, soon to be a H.S. senior, is busy looking at colleges and universities while Kiki, a sophomore, is driving the weenie teenage boys wild at Dawson School. Both will be competing at the USA Volleyball 2017 Junior National Championships in Minneapolis this summer. Caycee, Matt, and the girls will be riding the waves at the cottage shortly thereafter while Mary and Doug will be in Las Vegas over the fourth (in JULY???! Are you crazy?) where Doug will be competing with his barbershop chorus at the International Convention and Contest at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theatre.

Sorry to miss the gala Lindskoog Reunion again this year. Hope you all have a GREAT time!


Congrats to Andrew Porrey & Rachael Grawvunder on the birth of Rowan Rae Porrey!!! Both mother & daughter are doing well. Rowan was born May 25th at 10:13 PM, weighing in at six pounds & measuring 19 1/2 inches, she’s a keeper for sure!!! Congrats also go out to proud grandparents John Porrey & Lisa Delfosse-Krueger, as well as great grandparents Ken & Jan Porrey. Pictured above is Grandpa John with his cute little bundle of joy!!!

Ryan Richards Family Photo & Update

This is from Ryan Richards… My girls and I are doing well in Littleton, CO. Finnley (on left) is 7 and Wren (on right) is 6. Finnley enjoys playing tennis and Lacrosse, Wren enjoys rock climbing and gymnastics. Sorry we are going to miss the reunion, we hope to make it one of these years.