64th Lindskoog Family Reunion Minutes

2013 Lindskoog Family Reunion

1st Row: Nathan Kaminski, Amanda Mallasch, Tyler Richards, Penya Richards, Leif Richards, Gray Richards, Amelia Nicolas, Carol Beckland, Arthur Nicolas, Dave Greenfield

2nd Row: Braden Mallasch, Tarina Richards, Lucy Greenfield, Erik Greenfield, Andrea Newman, Marlene Goodman, Evie Brown

3rd Row: Kim Kaminski, Joyce Petersen, Lisa Mallasch, Jaime Greenfield, Kate Greenfield, Tammy Beckland, Jeff Richards, Lance Goodman, Jodie Montgomery, Jan Porrey, Lois Tomaras

4th Row: Bill Kaminski, Dorene Wiggerman, Kirsten Greenfield, Renee Beckland, Melonie Brown, Julia Richards, Jed Bruer, Jim Montgomery, Ken Porrey

5th row: Kirk Wiggerman, Jay Richards, Nils Lindskoog, Tod Beckland, Karl Greenfield, Erik Richards, Sadie Nicolas, Jerry Petersen

Despite eminent rains the Lindskoog Family Reunion took place June 22nd, 2013 at South Park in Waupaca. It was hosted by the Greenfields and there were 38 family members in attendance. The brats & burgers were delicious and the watermelon was refreshing on a hot day! The kids enjoyed crafts & games. Everyone was very impressed with the large Lindskoog Family Tree on display. Prayers were sent to Ted Mallasch, recovering in Appleton from a heart attack he suffered the day before. A good time was had by all and luckily the rains held off long enough for another fun & successful reunion.

Evie Brown

Justin Kaminski

Liam Murray 6/28/12 (Julie & Vince)
Justin Kaminski 9/17/12 (Kevin & Brittany)
Bridger Tomaras 12/11/12 (Jeremy & Erica)
Millie Beckland 10/3/12 (Ryan & Lissa)
Daniel Guziec 12/19/12 (Doug & Maureen)
Lyndon Winter 1/1/13 (Amanda & Joshua)

Kari Jo Pratt 1/11/13 Auto Accident in Texas

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