Lindskoog January Family Birthdays


Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating their birthdays in January!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Erik Todd who will be 30 on the 6th, Don Diersen hits the eighty mark on the 10th, on the 11th “twin cousins from different mothers” Lauren Biegert & David Lindskoog turn the BIG FIVE-OH!, and Ralph Dear will be on the 14th!!! As always, Celebrate with LOTSA cake!!!

1 Landon Winter
3 Lane Brown
6 Erik Todd (THIRTY!)
7 Leif Richards
9 Laurie Mielke
9 Annette Todd
10 Don Diersen (EIGHTY!)
10 Kirk Wiggerman
11 Lauren Biegert (BIG FIVE-OH!)
11 David Lindskoog (BIG FIVE OH!)
14 Jan Porrey
14 Ralph Dear (SIXTY!)
14 Nathaniel Todd
14 Matthew Todd
16 Cindy Todd
17 Kim Kaminski
18 Kiersten Lindskoog
22 Brittany Kaminski
23 Ron Wiggerman
26 Brooke Brown
26 Ryan Beckland
30 Rachel Brown
30 Emily Murray
31 Maureen Guziec

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