70th Lindskoog Family Reunion – Saturday June 30th

It’s six months away, mark your calendar today!!! The 70th Lindskoog Family Reunion will be in the Chicago area on Saturday June 30th. This will be a Family Reunion not to be missed! This will truly be a celebration of the Lindskoog Family! There will be games, great Swedish food, music, Dancing around the Maypole, on a beautiful sunny day, with lots of reminiscing of family members no longer with us, along with introductions of new family members. Dressing up in Swedish garb will not be discouraged.

Included will be news (along with pictures) from each family within the Lindskoog Family. Games will test your brain with lots of family trivia, so be sure to wear your thinking cap! This post is just a heads up, there will be plenty of reminders, So make sure to take the day off, NO excuses this year! If you are traveling from out of town, there will be plenty of family members willing to put you up for the weekend.

If you can’t tell, very excited about the biggest thing to hit the Lindskoog Family in a while. Let’s make this a most memorable day. Those family members choosing not to wear Swedish garb, should at least wear their Lindskoog Family teeshirt (if you need one, it can be ordered), Let’s fill this year’s pic with Swedish blue & yellow. Included is last year’s Family Photo, make sure you are in this year’s picture, and Remember, If you can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see you!!!

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