October Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating a HOWLING GOOD BIRTHDAY in October!!! Hopefully everybody gets LOTSA treats & not many tricks!!! Extra Special birthday wishes go out to Lewis Calkins who will be the BIG SEVEN-OH! on the 1st, hitting Double Digits will be Arthur Nicolas on the 2nd & Max Brown on the 10th which is also Max’s Golden Birthday, also Celebrating his Golden Birthday is Henry Beckland on the 8th, and last but not least will be those turning SIXTY! this month Jon Todd on the 4th, on the 10th Cindy Lindskoog, & on the 21st Liz Manley-DeMuro!!! Enjoy your birthday with LOTSA cake & a few pieces of candy from Trick or Treating!!! HAPPY BOORTHDAY BOOYS & GHOULS!!!

1 Lewis Calkins (BIG SEVEN-OH!)
1 Melonie Brown
2 Arthur Nicolas (Double Digits)
3 Chris Centnarowicz
3 Jecicca Linde
4 Jon Todd (SIXTY!)
5 Katarina Gustafsson
6 Barry Tomaras
6 Karalee Gendreau
6 Amy Hall
6 Millie Beckland
7 Jennifer Lindskoog
8 Marilyn Wiggerman
8 Henry Beckland (Golden Birthday)
10 Cindy Lindskoog (SIXTY!)
10 Troy Clark
10 Max Brown (Double Digits & Golden Birthday)
11 Amelia Nicolas
12 Kimberly Todd (Thirty)
13 Fredrik Swernfeldt
14 Hannah Krueger
15 Linne Calkins
15 Andrew Buchanan
15 Brandin Padilla
16 Pam Cipolla
16 Gareth Magiskog
19 Magnus Hoffer
19 Jennifer Brown
20 Bob Miller
21 Liz Manley-DeMuro (SIXTY!)
21 Goran Swernfeldt
22 Diane Stefanik
22 Tabitha Fortier
25 Peter Porrey
27 Marlene Goodman

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