Happy Birthday Lindskoogs Born in June

Happy Birthday to all Lindskoog Family members with June birthdays.  Please take a few moments to send a birthday card to Eva Miller, who will be 99 on the 12th, she also enjoys receiving phone calls, her address is 4248 N. Whipple, Chicago, IL 60618, and her phone number is 773-267-5554.  Happy Birthday Gram!!!

8 Stacey Trost
9 Andrew Fuhrer
9 Erica Tomaras
11 Neil Pratt
12 Eva Miller (99th)
13 Marla Trost
15 Amanda Porrey
15 Kiera Porrey
16 Lisbet Linde
17 Betsy Mielke
20 Michael Pope
21 Melissa Mielke
23 Ted Mallasch
24 Mark Lindskoog
26 Gary Cleal
27 Gavin LaFave
28 Grey Richards
30 Caroline Linde

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