Happy Birthday to Lindskoogs Born in July

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoogs celebrating birthdays in July!!!  Extra special Happy Birthday wishes go out to Jan Biegert (who will be 75 on the 1st), Jeremy Dear (who will be a quarter of a century on the 12th), Steven Lindskooog (who will be 70 on the 18th), Lissa Beckland (turns 30 on the 18th), Jethro Swanson (will be a teenager on the 23rd), Tracy Tomaras (who is halfway to 100 on the 27th), Robert Henricksen (who will be five on the 30th), and Tom Henricksen (who is eligible for senior citizen discounts on the 31st)!!!  Everybody celebrating, beat the heat with LOTSA cake & LOTSA ice cream!!!

1 Michael Gehl
1 Jan Biegert (SEVENTY-FIVE)
2 Jeffery Lindskoog
4 Kati Wiggerman
4 Tyler Richards
7 Bill Kaminski
9 Kari Todd
11 Rickiya Miller
12 Jeremy Dear (TWENTY-FIVE)
13 Ryan Richards
18 Steven Lindskoog (SEVENTY)
18 Lissa Beckland (THIRTY)
21 Jamie Beckland
23 Jethro Swanson (THIRTEEN)
25 Kevin Todd
25 Nathan Kaminski
26 Jon Diersen
26 Renee Beckland
26 Heather Redmond
27 Tracy Tomaras (BIG FIVE-OH)
30 Michal LaFave
30 Robert Henricksen (FIVE)
30 Ross Brown
31 Tom Henricksen (SIXTY-FIVE)

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