Liz Manley Weds Matt DeMuro

DSC_0233After Matt received a promotion through work and both of us deciding it was a good thing, we went to Indiana and bought a house.  After that, we decided after nine years it was time for us to take the plunge.  So, on December 28th, we had a very small wedding at a local chapel – after the wedding ceremony, we had a small dinner with family and friends from the area.  All this was planned in less than a week  🙂  One of my oldest and dearest friends here in Michigan walked me down the isle.

We will begin our new journey in Indiana with our dogs, cats and horse – our new house sits on almost 4 acres, and after building new stalls and fencing in the barn area, we hope to have our horse, Maverick, join us at our new home – but, in the meantime he will be spending his days at a nearby stable.  We close on our new house January 18th, so we will be moving shortly thereafter.  Matt is in Indiana at the present time, sadly living out of a hotel until the house is ours.  I am here in Michigan getting the house ready for the move, and for our new renters.  So much to do with so little time, but it is a new adventure in what I hope to be a much better year for everyone.

Brianna and the boys have mixed feelings about our moving.  Brianna, for obvious reasons, and the boys will miss their grandma.  But the potential for a plane ride to our new home makes the boys excited, and I plan a monthly visit to Michigan to get my fill of them all.  🙂

I think that about covers it – attached are a few pics from the ceremony – it was very short and sweet, so the pics are few and far between  🙂    It’s funny that one of the pics makes it look like I have a gold front tooth   lol lol

Liz (Manley) DeMuro

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