May Lindskoog Birthdays


There are a few BIG birthdays happening in May.  On the 1st Libby Porrey becomes a teenager & Amanda Mallasch joins her on the 18th.  Andrew Porrey (on the 7th), Brian Brown (on the 18th), & Erik Greenfield (on the 27th) all turn thirty.  Paige Richards turns forty on the 24th.  And last, but certainly not least, Doug Porrey hits the BIG SEVEN-OH on the 31st.  Happy Birthday wishes go out to all those celebrating BIG birthdays, along with all of the Lindskoog Family Members born in May.

1 Jay Richards
1 Bryant Dear
1 Libby Porrey (TEENAGER)
2 Marla Goodman
2 Sadie Todd
4 Gregg Lindskoog
4 Caiden Brown
6 Zoey Parkinson
7 Samantha Mielke
7 Thomas Henricksen
7 Andrew Porrey (THIRTY)
9 Jima Swanson
10 Ramon Santiago
10 Jenny Buchanan
11 Karina Gehl
12 Mary Hall
13 Gloria Mallasch
14 Alyssa Sparacio (TEN)
15 Marissa Guziec
15 Jason Trost
16 Camryn Todd
17 Jed Bruer
18 Brian Brown (THIRTY)
18 Amanda Mallasch (TEENAGER)
19 Lisa Mallasch
19 Doug Guziec
20 Megan Murray
20 Penya Richards
22 Kaidan Sothan
22 Heidi Todd
23 Anderson Fuhrer
24 Paige Richards (FORTY)
26 Lynn Dear
27 Evie Brown
27 Kris Beckland
27 Erik Greenfield (THIRTY)
28 Ryan Calkins
29 Linnea Diersen
29 Larry Goodman
29 Sarah Henricksen
30 Sam Biegert
31 Doug Porrey (BIG SEVEN-OH)
31 Kaden Sotelo

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