Happy July Birthday Lindskoogs

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Here are the Lindskoog Birthdays for July.  Birthdays of special note, today is Florida Jeffery Lindskoog’s birthday, Happy Double Nickles Birthday Jeff!  Bill Kaminski reaches the half-century mark on the 7th of July, he’s catching up to me in a hurry.  And Jerry Petersen is going to be slightly older than dirt on the 21st of July, when he turns 75 years of age, I’d say old, but that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.  Jethro Swanson will be double digits on the 23rd of July.  On July 26th Renee Beckland turns forty, she doesn’t look a day over 39.  A BIG Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoogs turning another year older in July!  Sorry this first post was one day late for Janice Biegert’s birthday, which was yesterday, Happy Birthday yesterday.

JANICE BIEGERT              07/01/37
MICHAEL GEHL                07/01/66
KATI WIGGERMAN           07/04/85
MARC NICOLAS               07/06/75
BILL KAMINSKI                07/07/59
KARI TODD                      07/09/48
RICKIYA MILLER              07/11/00
JEREMY DEAR                07/12/87
RYAN RICHARDS             07/13/75
STEVEN LINDSKOOG      07/18/42
JERRY PETERSEN          07/21/34
JAMIE BECKLAND           07/21/78
JETHRO SWANSON         07/23/99
KEVIN TODD                    07/25/86
JON DIERSEN                  07/26/64
RENEE BECKLAND          07/26/69
HEATHER REDMOND       07/26/75
TRACY TOMARAS            07/27/62
ROSS BROWN                      07/30/81
TOM HENRICKSEN           07/31/47

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  1. Florida Jeff
    Posted July 2, 2009 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the B-Day wish…..too bad I’m spending it on my back recovering from a strained back I received playing racquetball a little too hard…..but I’ll be up and about soon…time to focus on golf :- )…Happy 4th Everyone….Looking forward to seeing the reunion pictures…..

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