Scott Wiggerman Marries David Meischen


Here are three of hundreds of photos of our wedding in Taos. David has not had a chance to download photos from his camera, but these are a start. The setting—the backyard of our Taos artist friends, David and Carolyn Hinske–was lovely,  as we were surrounded by mountains, friends, and family (about 20 people), and the weather was perfect. My friend Carol sent us live leis from Hawaii, and my parents are wearing the kukai nut leis (which will last, unlike the ones David and I wore). I surprised David with a rendition of “Marry You,” and enlisted my two oldest friends from Texas to be my back-up talent: this is how the ceremony started, led by Reverend Susan of Taos. It also included poems read by David, myself, two other poets in attendance, Darla McBryde and Dora McQuaid, and Reverend Susan herself. We had a great spread of New Mexican enchiladas, Spanish rice, guacamole, shrimp, spinach salad, and more—and a two-tiered dark chocolate cake with mocha frosting, which included figurines the cake artisan made to look like us—two cats too!  I don’t want to brag, but everything turned out perfectly, just the way we wanted. More to follow!

Very happy to share with the family this post, which allows you to kind of crash the wedding of Scott & David, wishing them a lifetime of happiness together, along with all the best life has to offer!!!

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