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Cooper Jack Wiggerman & Dawson Rylee Wiggerman

Here is a Lindskoog Family first, identical twins, proud parents are Kati & Jeff Wiggerman, tickled pink Big Brother Berkley, they were born August 17th. Cooper Jack was born at 9:45am weighing in at 5#13 oz 18.5in. and Dawson Rylee was born at 9:51am weighing 5#14oz 19in. They were born naturally, are identical, perfect babies! […]

August Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family members in August.  Enjoy your cake, which is better eaten than worn!!! 2 Braden Mallasch 5 Justin Pratt 5 Bethany Cleal 5 Drew Dishman 7 Donald Stefanik 10 Lois Tomaras 10 Becky Brown 10 Dominic Sotelo 12 Loretta Miller 13 Tod Beckland 14 Austin Wiggerman 14 Owen […]