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October Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating birthdays in October!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Millie Beckland celebrating her Golden Birthday on the 3rd, Marlilyn Wiggerman hits the BIG EIGHT-OH on THE 8th, and on the 15th Andrew Buchanan turns 40 & Brandin Padilla turns thirty!!! Happy Birthday one & all, […]

Kari Jo Pratt Memorial Visit

Mike & Kelly Hodge and Carol Beckland went to Iowa this past weekend to spend the day with the Todd family and have a memorial for Kari Jo Pratt (who was killed in an auto accident in January).  Here is a picture of everyone present and Carol & Avian Todd.  It was held at Jon […]

Lindskoog October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Jack-O-Lanterns born in October!!!  A special Happy Birthday goes out to Katarina Gustafsson, who will turn forty on the 5th, but Happy Birthday, one & all!!! 1 Lewis Calkins 1 Melanie Brown 2 Arthur Nicolas 3 Chris Centnarowicz 3 Jecicca Linde 4 Jonathan Todd 5 Katarina Gustafsson (FOUR-OH) 6 […]

October Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Here’s to all the Lindskoog Jack O’ Lanterns born in October, Happy Birthday one & all!!!  Extra special birthday wishes go out to Karalee Gendreau, who celebrates her fortieth on the 6th, and Marilyn Wiggerman, who turns 75 on the 8th, that’s a whole lotta spankings! 1 Melanie Brown 1 Lewis Calkins 2 Arthur Nicolas […]