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Brianna’s Beautiful Caring Bridge Post

Brianna posted this beautiful entry on July 7th in Nic’s Caring Bridge Journal, and I wanted to share it with the entire family.  I was always amazed by the strength & courage that shown through Brianna’s posts in the Caring Bridge Journal.  They dealt with cancer, always with a sense of optimism & hope, but […]

Lindskoog April Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family members celebrating their birthdays in April!!!  Special Birthday wishes go out to Jonas Gustafsson (who turns the BIG FOUR-OH on the 1st), Bailey Grisham (who turns ONE on the 8th, where does the time go? & we wanna see pictures of her getting messy eating her birthday […]

62nd Lindskoog Family Reunion – 2011

Back row (L-R): Matt, Dru Brown, Kyle, Barry Tomaras, Ken Porrey, Melonie Brown, Ted Mallasch, Kirsten Greenfield, Eric Greenfield, Lucille Greenfield, Kate Greenfield, Karl Greenfield, Jamie Greenfield, Vince Murray, Bob Miller, Sharon Miller, Erik Miller. 3rd row (L-R): Joe, Tammy Beckland, Ron Wiggerman, Jim Montgomery, Bill Mielke, Laurie Mielke, Carol Beckland, Jerry Petersen, Jessica Montgomery, […]

April Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to all the Lindskoog Family members celebrating their birthdays in April, including myself, and my brother Todd, is it weird to wish yourself a Happy Birthday???  Oh well, whether it is, or whether it isn’t, I just did.  Also, extra special birthday greetings go out to Jeremy Tomaras celebrating his […]

Help Support Nic Sotelo

This picture is of proud daddy, Nic Sotelo, with his son, Kaden.  Kaden had just graduated from kindergarten.  Below is the latest journal entry, August 5th, written in Caring Bridge, sign up at their website by clicking here to follow Nic’s progress as he battles cancer, go get ’em Nic, we all wish you the […]

April Lindskoog Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family members, including me, celebrating their birthdays in April.  Special birthday wishes go out to Lindsay Tomaras, who turns 30, can’t trust her anymore, can’t trust anyone over thirty, and Dru Brown hits the BIG FIVE-OH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one & all.  I also want to take time […]

Nic Sotelo Battling Cancer

Nic now has 10 Chemo treatments under his belt. He just wrapped the last one up this past Monday. These new Chemo drugs were supposed to be easier to tolerate than the last, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case so far. He is still so  swollen in his legs/feet/ankles, it’s getting pretty hard for […]