March Lindskoog Family Birthdays


Happy Birthday to all of the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating their birthdays with LOTSA cake in March!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to three turning THIRTY on the 7th Karl Greenfield, on the 17th his lovely wife Jaime Greenfield, and on the 28th Gaed Lindqvist, Julie Murray will be FORTY on the 9th, both Ariel Haywood on the 11th & Gloria Greenfield on the 24th will be UNO, Shwan Brown hits the BIG SIX-OH! on the 17th, turning 20 on the 25th is Trevor Gere, Taylor Lindskoog turns 21 on the 26th, and hitting the BIG EIGHT-OH! on the 27th is Roger Lindskoog!!! Wishing you all awesome birthdays, Doing what you wanna do!!!

1 Bill Mielke
2 Mary Porrey
4 Eva Nilsson
5 Riley Winter
7 Karl Greenfield (THIRTY)
7 Landon Porrey
8 Amber Tomaras
8 Abel Leon
9 Bodil Mandorsson
9 Julie Murray (BIG FOUR OH!)
9 Colin Murray
11 Su Te Brown
11 Andrew Lindskoog
11 Michael Lindskoog
11 Ariel Haywood (UNO)
14 Eleanor Lindskoog
16 Nicholas Fortier
16 Annika Fuhrer
16 Joseph Pratt
17 Shawn Brown (BIG SIX-OH!)
17 Jaime Greenfield (THIRTY)
18 Jerry Trost
18 Joe Porrey
18 Lukas Gustafsson
19 Caycee Porrey
19 Molly Montgomery
20 Lars Persson
20 Goran Persson
20 Amanda Winter
21 Lo Swernfeldt
22 Sadie Nicholas
22 Stella Richards
24 Gloria Greenfield (UNO)
25 Trevor Gere (TWENTY)
26 Shirley Diersen
26 Taylor Lindskoog (Twentyone)
27 Roger Lindskoog (BIG EIGHT-OH!)
28 Gaed Lindqvist (THIRTY)
28 Kamari Anderson
29 Mark Pechnick
31 Reagan Winter
31 Anton Persson
?? Geoff Johnson

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