April Lindskoog Family Birthdays


Happy Birthday to all the Lindskoog Family Members celebrating April birthdays with LOTSA cake!!! Extra special birthday wishes go out to Aaron Porrey who will be thirty on the 6th, on the 14th Tedd Mallasch (Hey, That’s me!) will be the BIG SIX-OH! (Can’t be true & yet it somehow is), Erik Pechnick turns 20 on the 20th which makes it his Golden Birthday, turning uno on the 26th is Maggie Guziec, and Mike Hodge hits the BIG FIVE-OH on the 29th!!! Happy Birthday One & All, Celebrate doing what you wanna do!!! Rock On!!!

1 Jonas Gustafsson
1 Luke Cleal
2 Peter Lindqvist
2 Kayla Lindqvist
3 Bengt-Eric Nilsson
3 Anya Brown
4 Celeste Henricksen
5 Kate Greenfield
6 Aaron Porrey (Thirty)
6 Dustin Lindskoog
7 Tomas Persson
8 Doug Brown
8 Bailey Grishom
9 Gary Guziec
11 Gunilla Hoffer
12 Diana Dear
14 Tedd Mallasch (BIG SIX-OH!)
16 Bob Miller
16 Todd Mallasch
16 Aaron Pratt
16 Camilla Lindblom
19 Lindsay Tomaras
20 Ed Lindskoog
20 James Lindskoog
20 Tim Trost
20 Erik Pechnick (Twenty & Golden)
22 Alicia Brown
23 Georgina Lindskoog
23 Jeremy Tomaras
24 Brad Wiggerman
24 Charlotte Nilsson
26 Dru Brown
26 Lane Lindeman
26 Maggie Guziec (UNO)
27 Cathy Lindskoog
29 Mike Hodge (BIG FIVE-OH!)

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