August Lindskoog Family Birthdays


LOTSA BIG Birthdays in August!!! On the 5th Bethany Cleal turns FORTY & Drew Todd turns eighteen, Bowen Bruer will celebrate his FIRST birthday on the 9th, on the 10th Lois Tomaras hits the BIG NINE-OH! & Owen Brown will celebrate his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY turning DOUBLE DIGITS, Austin Wiggerman turns TWENTYONE on the 14th, turning the BIG SIX-OH will be John Porrey on the 24th & the next day on the 25th Dorene Wiggerman hits the BIG SIX-OH, and on the 29th Dave Cipolla will be the BIG FIVE-OH & Brandon Cipolla will be TWENTYONE!!! Happy Birthday One & All and Remember to Celebrate with LOTSA cake!!!

2 Braden Mallasch
4 Rylan Todd
5 Bethany Cleal (FORTY)
5 Justin Pratt
5 Drew Todd (eighteen)
6 Emma Nilsson
6 Allie Brown
7 Donald Stefanik
7 Grayson Todd
9 Bowen Bruer (UNO)
10 Lois Tomaras (BIG NINE-OH!)
10 Becky Brown
10 Dominic Sotelo
10 Owen Brown (Double Digits & GOLDEN)
12 Loretta Miller
13 Tod Beckland
14 Austin Wiggerman (TWENTYONE)
16 Bjorn Hoffer
17 Dawson Wiggerman
17 Cooper Wiggerman
19 Karen Greene
20 Gustav Hoffer
20 Clayton Brown
21 Ellie Haywood
21 Bree Brown
22 Natalia Henricksen
22 Colton Centnarowicz
23 Mats Lindqvist
23 Matias Leon
24 John Porrey (BIG SIX-OH)
24 Sofia Swernfeldt
25 Dorene Wiggerman (BIG SIX-OH)
25 Nic Sparacio
25 Jessica Montgomery
26 Kevin Kaminski
25 Avery Corona
28 Ken Porrey
29 Jim Montgomery
29 Dave Cipolla (BIG FIVE-OH)
29 Brandon Cipolla (TWENTYONE)
29 Penny Greenfield
30 Malena Brown
31 Amy Fuhrer
31 Kianna Anderson

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