September Lindskoog Family Birthdays


Happy Birthday wishes go out to all the Lindskoog Family members celebrating September birthdays!!! Extra special birthday wishes to Mikael Lindblom who turns thirty on the 3rd, on the 5th Diana Swernfeldt turns forty, turning the BIG SIX-OH! will be Kim Beckland on the 16th & Mark Wiggerman on the 17th, and on the 20th Carol Beckland hits the BIG EIGHT-OH! & Christine Brown turns thirty!!! Happy Birthday one & all, Celebrate with LOTSA cake, and continue to Rock On!!!

1 Cynthia Gehl
1 Jordan Mielke
1 Tilde Persson
2 Trevor Brown
3 Mikael Linblom (THIRTY!)
5 Diana Swernfeldt (FORTY!)
6 Shannon Portillo
6 Finnley Richards
7 Landon Porrey
8 Inga Persson
9 Nancy Gere
9 Wade Henricksen
9 Daniel Lindskoog
9 Andrew Haywood
9 Ian Lindskoog
11 Tom Gendreau
11 Matt Lindskoog
11 Candis Duke
11 Ava Biegert
12 Kristi Centnarowicz
15 Scott Wiggerman
15 Julia Richards
16 Kim Beckland (BIG SIX-OH!)
17 Mark Wiggerman (BIG SIX-OH!)
17 Wynn Henricksen
17 Justin Kaminski
18 Richard Montgomery
20 Carol Beckland (BIG EIGHT-OH!)
20 Christine Brown (THIRTY!)
22 Jakob Lindskoog
22 Anna Swanson
22 Sterling Brown
26 Josefin Persson
26 Gianna Lindskoog
26 Grace Miller
27 Leia Lindqvist
29 Lance Goodman
30 Katrina Parkinson
?? Ryan Calkins

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